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Will healthcare be available to you when you most need it?

Healthcare in Cuba for the less well-off is currently better than it is in California.

Currently 20% of the people in California, that is around six and a half million people, most of whom are workers, have no health insurance. Illness or injury can be catastrophic for both individuals and their families and often results in destroyed finances, impairment or even death. At the same time the number who are insured as part of their employment contract is falling. It is a paradox that a wealthy state like California can rank only at number 47 for the percentage of people below pensionable age who hold health insurance. The cost is often beyond the reach of small businesses; around a third of the self-employed, and employees of small firms, are uninsured too.

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copyA few facts:

  • Late stage cancer of the colon is discovered in twice as many uninsured men as those with insurance.
  • A woman with breast cancer is twice as likely to die of it than someone who is insured.
  • Around two thirds of uninsured people who fall ill delay treatment because of the cost.
  • People without insurance tend to die earlier - the death rate amongst the uninsured is a quarter higher.
  • A half of all families that go bankrupt do so because of medical problems.
  • About half of uninsured people undergoing hospital treatment are still paying for earlier treatments.

People's finances change because of family issues, job changes or, yes, health problems so ability to fund health insurance can vary. Also; costs of treatment can be astronomical in some cases and current provisions just may not cover it. The economic climate is very variable and few people can feel completely confident about their long-term financial security which means that it is likely that more and more people will find the necessary funding beyond their reach, particularly as they reach and pass retirement. Those who have suffered serious illness in the past are at the greatest risk because premiums for those who have pre-existing conditions can be prohibitively expensive: the cheapest insurance, naturally, is enjoyed by those who are young and fit!

Looking forward to retirement? Think that your financial planning means a comfortable life for the rest of your days? Think again.

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